This is blog is a series of marketing, advertising and practice management articles by me, based on my years of experience in the dental industry, helping match millions of patients with dentists around the country. There are also dozens of short videos where I answer specific questions about dental marketing and advertising.I believe that every aspect of your dental practice has a marketing element to it.  Everything you do, everything people see, hear, smell, touch and taste in your practice either increases case acceptance or decreases it. Nothing is neutral.

This blog and my book are about the right mindset to make all this come together, and practical tips and strategies that you can apply to make you and your team much more successful and enjoy doing it. I welcome your questions and comments.

If you’re wondering who I am, I’m one of the two founders of 1-800-DENTIST, and for over 20 years was the CEO.  I came from the big agency advertising world, but my working life has been dedicated to attracting consumers through advertising and matching them with dentists.  We do this with our 24 hour live call center, based here in Los Angeles.  We field more than 12,000 contacts a day, from all different media sources.  We buy national television, local radio, bid on more than 1 million key words in any given month, and even do cell phone advertising.  We are the largest dentist referral service in the country, and because of that I’ve met some of the most successful dentists in the U.S., and I learn from them every day.  I’ve consolidated much of this knowledge into my book.

I also lecture throughout the year on practice marketing.  I’ve spoken at major dental shows like the Greater New York Dental Meeting, The Best Seminar Ever, The Townie Meeting, and recently spoke at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.  I also speak to study groups and client appreciation days, sponsored by dental products companies or specialists.  For more information on my speaking schedule availability and details, contact my assistant, Kim Fuller, at kfuller@1800dentist.com.


  1. Fred: Will you be at the CDA meeting in May?

  2. Please let mek now who to contact in order to book Fred Joyal for a speaking engagement.
    thank you.
    Nifette Khaled – Executive Director, the Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

  3. Hello Fred,

    Looking to launch a 1888Petsitter.com (I own/not rent, the toll free vanity number also. 1-888-Petsitter.)
    Haven’t narrowed down the business model yet. (franchise or petsitter refferal service)
    Do you know of any reliable companies or startup consultants I should contact?
    Any suggestions or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks for you time.

  4. Janice Liao, DMD

    Just saw your presentation at Cerec 27.5, and it was fantastic. I’m always looking for video/youtube clips to play for your motivational staff meetings. Will you ever make the last video about ‘free dentistry’ available?

    • Thanks, Janice. You were all a great audience–it was very exciting to be up there!
      Can’t do it with that video — don’t think the public would absorb the truth that readily!

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