Hosting Site Change Affecting Your Subscription

For those of you subscribing to my blog, I’m changing my hosting site, and it may not continue your subscription (I’m hoping it does, but you never quite know for sure!).  If you don’t get a blog from me by Wednesday, go to and please resubscribe.  Thanks!  I’ll be blogging something much more interesting than this tomorrow!


About Fred Joyal

I am the Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST, and author of the book Everything Is Marketing: the Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth. I have worked in the dental industry for 26 years, and have helped thousands of practices grow with new patients and with marketing guidance. I speak all over the country on dental marketing, social media and practice management. Find me on Google Plus.

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  1. Kimberleigh Murray

    Hi Fred,

    I can’t get to It is just a blank page. Re-subscribing to your blog at WordPress is also not possible-it says subscription has expired. I have not received a new post from you since you told us to look for it by Wednesday. It appears that my subscription did not transfer. Ideas?



    Kimberleigh A. Murray

    Marketing Coordinator

    Heritage Dental

    John W. Willhide, D.D.S.

    121 Park Hill Drive, Suite A

    Fredericksburg, VA 22401

    Office: 540-373-1660

    Fax: 540-373-6830



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